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Camp dates: 2 weeks in May 2022

Deadline: Feb 15th, 2022

Venue: TBD (Epsilon 2021 was virtual in response to the pandemic)

  •  Download and print the Exploration Problems and Algebra Assessment listed on this page.

  • The scanned copies of the completed  Exploration Problems and Algebra Assessment needs to be uploaded to our new Student Portal. Details on how to navigate the Student Portal can be found here. Please go through this video carefully to understand how to upload the necessary documents as well as the process of collecting recommendation from your teachers through the portal itself. 

  • The Registration process in the Student portal will also include some questions that needs to be answered by the parent. Detailed answers to the  questionnaire will help our academic team understand how the child views math. This needs to be filled by the parent. 

  • You can start the Application process by clicking on the REGISTER button below.


Important Notes

  • Recommendation letter from your teacher: This can be anyone you work closely with, including your sports, music, academic teachers. We would like them to tell us why they think you will be a good fit for Epsilon camp. Recommendations are highly valued by our academic team during the application review process

  • ​​​Priority given to qualified candidates applying early. Registration open till we have no spots left. We will be filling spots as and when we get qualified candidates (based on qualifying tests, teacher recommendations and other materials submitted), so your chance of getting selected is higher if you apply early.

  • It is very important that the completed Exploration Problems and Algebra Assessment are uploaded as pdf documents. Please do not upload individual photos of the completed problems. The  Algebra Assessment should be scanned as one pdf and the  Exploration Problems should be scanned as one pdf document and then uploaded.

  • Please also send a copy of the completed 'Exploration Problems' and 'Algebra Assessment' to 

  • Click on the "REGISTER" button below to start the Application process! Math is not a spectator sport. Jump in, sweat a bit and have fun exploring these problems!

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